Choose Payment Window

Mondido offer different payment windows for you and your customers

Several different Payment Windows

With mondido you can use the payment window that is best for your consumers.

With Mondido.js, our JavaScript-solution, we offer a secure payment solution where your customer never leaves your site.

The main advantage of using Hosted Window is that you can use our Rule Engine for creating the best payment flow depending on variables such as customer or platform.

If you need a payment solution for your Service on Smartphone app you can easily integrate our API-solution.

Hosted Window

Mondido’s Hosted Window solution allows you to create a payment page with the desired look-and-feel to go with the rest of the site.

The Hosted Window is responsive so that it works for both mobile and iPad (you can use jQuery or Bootstrap) and if you want to A/B-test different design ideas, you can easily find out which one generates the most purchases.


Med Mondidos Mondido’s JavaScript solution allows you to create a seamless payment flow, where the customer never leaves your site (through AJAX).

Mondido uses “Client Side Encryption” so that sensitive information such as card numbers never reaches your server. This allows for a seamless payment experience and doesn’t require difficult PCI DSS security certification for handling card data.

API solution

Through Mondidos REST API, you can easily get started with payments for your iPhone or Android app, or from your server.

You will find SDKs for: iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP and .NET. Remember to ask for the “exemption for 3D Secure” if you want to get started with the API-solution and that PCI DSS certification is needed in order to handle or store card data on your server.

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