Swish for E-commerce

Get Swish for your E-commerce with Mondido

Get Swish for your E-commerce.

Offer Swish to your customers with Mondido's payment window.

Getting Swish to your webshop is good for increasing conversion and selling more products. It is clear that more payment methods in its store lead to more sales and increased sales, where Swish plays a major role due to its flexible solution.

With Swish through Mondido, you have the opportunity to reach over 6.5 million already connected Swish customers who can send money directly to your bank account within seconds.

Swish in combination with Mondido's smooth payment experience offers tailored design and functions to increase conversion and sales. We at Mondido think one step further and offer several solutions to cover all your Swedish and foreign customers.

The demand for Swish among e-retailers has been great and many are already applying the service with their own technical solutions. The new customized and standardized interface makes it easier for e-retailers to get started with Swish and offer the payment method to their customers.

swish för e-handel

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