About Us

The team behind Mondido

We are passionate about payments

Mondido came into being because we are passionate about payments and because we believe that a payment solution can be so much more than it is today.

The idea for Mondido came a few years ago after integrating and working with several different payment solutions on the market. Mondido has been created from a developer and an e-merchant perspective, with a nice code, uncomplicated agreements and simple integration as goals.

And to develop a dashboard where you can see the money coming in and provide valuable information that can be used for marketing and product development.

Who are the customers, where does the dropout take place, what can I improve to convert more visitors into paying customers?

We want to help you as an e-merchant to realize your dream of making money from what you are passionate about and provide tools for the whole team to also find it fun to charge.

We who work at Mondido have experience as employees or consultants from Skype, Habbo Hotel (Sulake), TV4 Digital Media, Verifone, Clarion Hotels, the National Agency for Education, Point and many more.

If you are passionate about payments and want to help us create the future of online payments, please contact us with your thoughts and concerns. Email us at hello@mondido.com.

See ya!

100% Reliability

We focus on reliability and fast payments.

 100% Flexibility

You can manage your payments for the best payment experience regardless of customer.

100% Security

We have the highest possible security certification PCI DSS Level 1.