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Conversion Tool

There is a lot that you as a merchant can do to increase the conversion rate. Here are some tools that you can use for Mondido’s Hosted Window.

Keep track of your failed payments
A failed payment can be a result of many things. From that the customer has filled out the wrong card number or there is not enough money on the card or because of a temporary technical problems with the card-issuing bank. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the transaction coming in, in Mondido’s admin or by getting a ping through a webhook to Slack, or another system.

Keep track of failure statistics
By using Mondido you can keep track of where your customers are from, such as country, platform, etc. This can give you valuable information about why failures occur. Keep track of these statistics, especially at the launch of a new device or a operating system so you don’t lose revenue.

Customised payment experience
By Mondido’s admin, you can create different payment experiences and payment windows, depending on the device, country etc. Use Mondido’s Rules Engine to direct customers to a payment window that is optimized for their device.

A / B testing for best results
A/B-testing means that your customers are randomly directed to two different versions of a payment window, to see which one generates the best conversion rate. This way, you can create the best payment experience that generates the highest number of purchases.

How to get customer to retry
In Mondido’s admin you can create auto-generated emails that are sent out to those customers who have failed purchases. The email contains a link so that the customer returns to the payment page to try again. If you want you can even create a webhook, so you get a “ping” in Slack, so that you can quickly contact the customer to assist them with the purchase. Payment links that can be sent to the customers are created for each transaction and can be found in the transaction list, but can also be generated for a selected amount in Mondido’s admin.

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