Dynamic 3D Secure

Offer your consumers to pay with Dynamic 3D Secure

Dynamic 3D Secure

Mondido can offer dynamic 3D Secure depending on a several parameters. Most common is that 3D Secure is triggered for a certain amount, but Mondido can also trigger 3D Secure depending on which bank the customer uses or if a client comes from a certain country or Proxy server.

New regulations from the EU requires that the card issuer to impose an authentication like 3D Secure from august 2015 for all cards which means that a customer can’t buy on a site that doesn’t support 3D Secure. If you are selling low-risk goods and have an exemption for 3D Secure from your acquirer, it may be an option to use dynamic 3D Secure triggered for card types that require 3D Secure.

Remember that it is always the acquirer who determines if you can be exempt from 3D Secure.

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