There are many possibilities to make Mondido send notifications to all kind of external services when a payment is executed. One popular way to keep track of successful or failed payments is to connect Mondido to Slack for easy monitoring. To follow this guide you need a Slack account and an account with Mondido that you can get here:

Step 1
Go to Slack to create an integration and enter a suitable name, for example “MondidoSlack”. After that you should choose a workspace that you want to send the messages to.

Step 2
Now you should activate your new Slack app so it can send messages to your preferred Slack channel. Do this by selecting “Incoming Webhooks”

Step 3
Activate the app by setting the button to “On” in the upper right corner.

Step 4
Click on “Add Webhook to Workspace” to show the screen where you select the channel that will receive the messages, for example #general.

Step 5
Copy the unique link that the messages should be sent to, for example: “”. This URL will be used in the Mondido settings later on.

Step 6
Go to Mondido to create a new Webhook Template:
Then choose to create a new Webhook Template of the type “Custom HTTP”

Step 7
Now choose when to send the messages to Slack, for example “After Payment”, and then that they will be sent using POST and as JSON.
In the URL input field you should paste the link from above (ex: “”)
Now click on “Advanced options” and write a JSON message in the field “Custom http body”

Step 8

Here you can write a custom message and fill it with data from your payment information using Liquid syntax.

{“text”:”Hello, World! There was a payment with status {{transaction.status}}, for {{transaction.amount}} {{transaction.currency}}”}

Step 9
Save the template by clicking “CREATE NEW”
You can send almost any data available in the payment, and you can read about it here:

Now, after each payment there will be a message sent to your Slack channel with the message you just composed!

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