About Mondido

We are passionate about payments

Mondido was created out of love for payments and out of frustration from using many different payment solutions that didn’t do the job for us.


The idea for Mondido came a few years ago after integrating and using several different payment solutions on the market. Mondido was created from a developer and e-commerce perspective, with simple integration and on-boarding as a goal on the one hand – but also to offer a solution that offers more than a list of transactions. You should be able to watch the money pile grow and receive valuable sales insight that can be used for marketing and product development purposes. Who are the customers, where is money lost and what can I do to convert more visitors into paying customers?

We want to help online merchants to realize their dreams of making money on what they are passionate about and provide tools for the entire team to also be excited about payments.

The Mondido team has experience from working at companies such as Skype, Habbo Hotel (Sulake), TV4 Digital Media, Verifone, Clarion Hotels, Skolverket, Point and many more. If you are passionate about payments and want to help us to create the future of online payments, please send us your thoughts, questions or your spontaneous job application to hello@mondido.com